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Kerosene : Retro Chic 


Hello my chic ladies , how are you ? Because I am pretty well . Why ? I was over stressed with all that environmental changes and that new varsity life I embraced . So things were definitely not easy . And I couldn’t be regular on the blog . Not only the fact that I was facing challenges but I just lost motivation to do anything I love .. I stopped dancing , blogging , filming , shopping, working out .. I felt like my soul were not ready for this journey , that adult life you know !! 

But waking up this morning, i looked at my calendar ” May 1st ”  . I realized that we are almost in the middle of the year , and that letting myself go is not the right attitude to have in front of change , you don’t run away from change , you embrace it and you make it your own lifestyle. So I decided to step up my game just for the reason that my goals doesn’t care how I feel !!! 

Believe it or not , Jesus felt the same way few times in his life . He told his mother he were not ready for the first miracle . He told God that he might not feel ready to go on the Calvary. But that was his body talking . But his purpose on earth didn’t care how the body felt , he went and still achieved the goal is was created for . 

Following his path , I am not going to let my body dictate what I feel , because my goals can’t wait for me to achieve them . 

Your dreams can’t wait , it’s time to chase them regardless how bad your body make you feel . 

Let’s talk about this outfit now : 

I went for a retro chic look a blue striped black polazzo and a denim shirt tied up on my waist showing up my figure that I am hardly working on at the gym ( but that’s another story… lool ) 

I actually went thrift shopping downtown therefore I opted for brown flat and a golden tote bag . For the sake of the look I wore a satin scarf and some retro sunglasses .. 

Across the thrift shop were that blue and white wall that perfectly matched my outfit. And I couldn’t resist to shoot few pics on it . Hope you enjoy it .. 


• All from thrift shop back in Congo

• Flat sandal from Dollar General