Hello mes chic ladies , i am so glad to be back again , I hope y’all are fine because I am .I’ve learnt this week that collaboration worth actually more than competition. And especially when it come to women empowering one another . Two female kings ( just because I don’t wanna say queens ) making sure the other one is ruling her own world as good as she can . I…


Hello my chic ladies , I am so glad to be back this time again . Even if I am not effective these days and I surely apologize for it but you know what ? I realized something about myself. And it might be something you should realize as well in your own life . Sometimes we tend to give excuse to our goals due to what we feel physically or mentally. Sometimes…

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Kerosene : Retro Chic 


Hello my chic ladies , how are you ? Because I am pretty well . Why ? I was over stressed with all that environmental changes and that new varsity life I embraced . So things were definitely not easy . And I couldn’t be regular on the blog . Not only the fact that I was facing challenges but I just lost motivation to do anything I love .. I stopped dancing , blogging , filming , shopping, working…