What are you focusing on growing this spring ?


Hello my chic ladies , I truly hope you are fine because I am . I was basically thinking quite a lot for the few past days and my réflexion was around the new season ” spring ” and the beautiful meaning of it . Well on my own opinion and I wanted to share that with you all . 

I was admiring how everything on my campus just took life again at the very first day of spring . People feeling happier , the landscape of trees growing colorful flowers… it seems like everyone was filled up with new hope and a new joy of living that they didn’t experience during the cold period . By the way , the cold period was really hard for me to handle first because I came from very tropical region on the middle of Africa and second it was my first time ever to feel this cold . I hated the place I am living in and all i wanted was to go back to my dear Congo. But as soon as spring started , I was filled up with a sort of new hope and a new beginning… 

the winter season was like a season in where everything is dead and dry while Spring is the sign of reflorishment of everything that died during the cold . The question to ask now is :

What tree do you have in your garden ?? And what are you focusing on growing or even growing back this spring ? 

I said growing back because I assume that you had something: a project , a goal , a plan , a relationship, a job , a dream that vanished away during the cold season , and that you are trying to get back this spring. 

In every domain of life , growth is essential , just because everything that live is suppose to grow . And for a parent to see his kid growing, he should first have a kid ( like duh ) , and he should know the characteristics of his kid . Same with a goal , in order for you to see it grow, you should have one and you should study it too .. 

Growth should be a balanced element in one’s life . I mean by that , it should be noticed equally/balanced in every domain of a life .. noticing growth in only a domain of your life is an handicap . 

Growth should be progressive and not instantly: because it takes a certain amount of time for a baby to stand on his feet , to learn how to walk and to learn how to run … growth is and must be a process of many little steps and goal’s success. Don’t expect your body to change after only 3 days to the gym .. don’t expect your company to grow from a day to another. It takes a certain amount of time in where the process of growth should take place . 

Don’t mistaken growth and obesity : obesity is just the appearance whom can collapse a soon as something goes wrong  , but growth is from the roots to the top and everything, plus growth leads to perfection and excellency . 

To answer to the question myself :

• I am focusing on growing my grade in College

• I am focusing on growing my relationship with God

• I am focusing on growing my blog , my YouTube Channel and everything linked to my social media which is for me à Business and work tools 

• I am focusing on growing my relations 

• I am focusing on growing a business .. 
What are your thoughts about what I just said about growth .. do you have an experience or a comment to add up on what I said !? Please react into the ” comment ” section .. also let me know what are your focus this spring !!! I would love to read it and why not to get inspired ?? 
Thanks for passing by … ❤